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APJ Abdul Kalam Dream Park

APJ Abdul Kalam Dream Park

At tkm college of engineering

A P J DreamPark is an initiative of TKM College of Engineering aiming at manifesting the skill and abilities of young minds by providing world class resources industrial exposure and mentoring. DONATE TO THE CAUSE .

Kerala State Athletics Association

Kerala State Athletics Association

Powered by Iqsoft

In partial modification to the Calendar already published, the 60thKerala State Junior Athletics Championship will be held at Maharaja’s College Stadium, Kochion 28th 29thand 30thOctober 2016

Canton International

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Canton International Co Ltd Hongkong was incorporated in the year 2008. The Main Aim of our company is to Preserve & protect our nature for betterment of our Future. Our Concern is dedicated to the promotion of renewable energy resources and implementation of the same in India. We are trying hard to save our nature & planet; if for example one watt energy at a time if done collectively will help reduce the effects of global warming which will also help in reducing the demand of coal, oil or gas power plants that emit harmful gases. In turn, using solar power will help us to keep the air clean and improve the quality of life of every individual. Our company is religiously looking forward and trying to provide best value products at the best value services to the customers. It’s a GLOBAL solar family and other group companies which are engaged in Eco-friendly and environmentally safe renewable energy solutions..

Role Steel

Exporters and manufacturers of Steel

a company established in 2000 and headquartered in the city of Gungzhou, China. Its main activity is trade and manufacture of steel products for which it is greatly recognized and has a superior reputation among most companies in the world. Over the years the company has invested in technological equipment, brand new and modern warehouses and human capital development. The wide range of steel products and high volumes of stock enable the company to supply the market’s demand for steel goods in various fields – construction, engineering, processing, etc.

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